Birmingham Collections Centre, Natwest

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I'm not even a customer. Have been getting letters for a lodger who left my house over 4 years ago.

Have written , phoned, e-mailed, gone into the bank personally. I was polite, the manager (Walsall) very rude."What do you expect me to do about it?" was his answer.

Filed a formal complaint beginning of July , received a letter saying it was being investigated, received another threatening letter today for the departed customer/lodger( he's in Vietnam)and another demand to a total stranger who has used my address to open an accountverwhelmed with complaining phone callsBeen phoning the collections centre for 3 days now and they just do't answer. They must be o

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What I hate about NatWest

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It's bad enough that they are part of a bank that damaged the world economy through greed, and also managed to let down all their customers through technical incompetence. What i really hate is the fact that I had an overdraft with them for several years, and because I renewed it online i forgot that it expired and it left me with a situation that i was overdrawn.

This was over a year ago and since then I can't get an overdraft from them, they are incredibly unforgiving if you make a mistake, but expect others to forgive them for being incompetent and greedy.

I have since received a number of mortgage offers and happily bought a home but i still can't get even a measly few hundred pounds overdraft from a bank I've banked with for over 30 years. They must be one of the worst and most uncaring banks in the world.

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Monetary Loss: $900.



You've got to be kidding. YOU screwed up your account and somehow this results in a complaint about the bank?!?! Unbelievable.

NatWest - Payed money off wrong account

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this account number 38778211 i want to no why i have had to pay £201.45 for an account i have not used in 5 years? said i was overdrawn, i mistakenly payed this, thinking i was paying something off my other account.

please can you get back to me about this..i dont see how i can be overdrawn with an account i have not used in a long time, i dont even have a card for this account, i need that money back, how do i go about this, please get back to me, asap. thank you x

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